F45 Training Kew

In addition to existing COVIDSafe measures that includes decontamination of all contact surfaces between classes, F45 Kew is providing safer air for their clients by ensuring doors are open as much as possible to provide natural ventilation. Six high performance Xiaomi Pro H HEPA filters are spaced throughout the gym running on level 3 (500m3/hr each) providing a total of 3000m3/hr filtered air, or 80L/p/s for 10 people, or 40L/p/s for 20 people.

Note that a premature failure of 80% of these devices (needing warranty replacement) was experienced after 6 months of use when used at maximum speed of 600m3/hr.

Address & Contacts


712 High St Kew East, VIC, Australia


-37.797997613007, 145.05418817671

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