Other Clean Air Projects



Our mission is to help businesses improve air quality & reduce the spread of airborne disease, helping those at risk.

The Raven APp


User submitted data that includes CO2 levels, presence of portable air filters etc

Covid safe Dentists


Directory of COVID safer Dental practices



A collection of tips and tools for an airborne pandemic

Covid safe network


Welcome to Covid Safe Network. Below, you will find links to businesses and schools that take Covid precautions to protect their customers and staff. You will also find links to studies and news stories that demonstrate the severity of Covid-19.

co2 trackers


User submitted CO2 levels with the capacity for continuous upload for business owners.

Covid safety pledge UK


It makes good public health sense to ensure that the shops and restaurants and offices we use are properly ventilated and that no-one is working while infected. But it also makes sound economic sense to give the public confidence that they can use these spaces in safety.

Covid safety pledge NZ


This voluntary Pledge sets out actionable steps and best practice actions and policies for workplaces and other organisations. It has been developed and supported by medical specialists and business people who are active in the community and builds on an international evidence base of what works.

Enhance trust in your organisation, show your team and customers that you are committed to protecting them against COVID-19.



A free service to find individuals, families and local businesses/services who take COVID precautions in your area

Community access to ventilation Information – CAVI


CAVI is a non-profit group supporting the development of public library CO2 monitor lending programs. They maintain a map of libraries with CO2 monitor lending programs around the world. Most programs are currently in Canada with a few in the US. They have materials to help citizens share the idea with libraries and have helpful Creative Commons customizable handouts for libraries to share with patrons on CO2 and monitor use.

COVId concious therapist directory


COVID-conscious mental health services should be accessible to everyone

Nous aérons


A Collaborative French resource group dedicated to sharing information and best practices to improve indoor air quality and reduce airborne hazards. Most resources in French but some materials available in other languages. Links to other French language groups and to other parallel initiatives, especially in Europe.

Safe Indoor Air For Oregon Schools


Join a community of scientists, parents and community members advocating for safe air in PPS
Get help improving your classroom air
Contribute to us advocating for PPS to provide safe, clean, fresh air in all PPS classrooms

The Meta-Institute for Airborne Disease in a Changing Climate


The Meta-Institute for Airborne Disease in a Changing Climate (The Airborne Institute) brings together an interdisciplinary team of scientists focused on both understanding the impact of climate change on the air we breathe as well as developing implementable solutions to improve indoor and outdoor air quality globally. Specifically, within the context of our changing climate activities in the institute focus on identifying sources and production pathways of airborne pathogens, determining the relative contribution of different transmission pathways of airborne pathogens in air, measuring the impact of airborne inhalation on human health, engaging the public while elucidating solutions to improve air quality that will be shared broadly through educational initiatives.