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Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 happens mostly indoors and occurs largely via inhaled infectious aerosols that are more concentrated near their source and that can accumulate and linger in poorly ventilated indoor spaces1. It is estimated that the risk of transmission indoors is 20 times higher than outdoors. Fortunately, we know that we can go a long way towards recreating those outdoor conditions indoors by improving natural and mechanical ventilation to dilute infectious aerosols, and where necessary, air filtration or safe air disinfection to filter them out.

This website has been developed to help businesses understand how to assess their indoor aerosol transmission risk, find professional guidance where time and resources allow,  get advice and testimonials from businesses that have already taken action to protect their customers, and build a directory of businesses like restaurants, bars, cafes, and gyms for customers to find a business with safer air. Businesses should continue following existing advice around reducing transmission by other routes by maintaining good hand hygiene practices and isolating staff when unwell.

No benefits are received from any businesses, service providers, or device manufacturers mentioned. 

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