Steps to achieving cleaner air in your business

Achieving cleaner air in your workplace or business is achievable.  

We’re here to help guide you. 


Create outdoor spaces

Outdoor interactions reduce the risk of transmission by allowing natural ventilation to rapidly dilute infectious respiratory particles in a crowd, as well as allow for ultra violet (UV) light during the day to inactivate any virus that is either floating in the air or that has settled on surfaces.

Create Outdoor Spaces


Consult an expert

Where time and resources allows, the best option is to consult an expert that can help you assess the needs of your business, exisiting ventilation, and suggest and implement solutions that will help keep your customers safe and your business open.

Find an Expert


Maximise Natural Ventilation

Maximising natural ventilation that introduces as much fresh outside air as possible while allowing stale air to be expelled will help reduce the concentration of infectious aerosols in a space and will help reduce the risk of transmission. This may be as simple as opening as many windows and doors as the weather conditions permit.

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Improve or Install Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation in some buildings may be adequate or can be modified to increase the amount of ventilation taking into account the number of occupants and type of activity that may require higher rates of ventilation.

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Install portable HEPA (Air) Filters

HEPA Filters are affordable layers of protection to add to natural and mechanical ventilation that have been shown to reduce the amount of virus containing aerosols in the indoor air environment and may be a suitable solution where mechanical and natural ventilation is inadequate. We have an air filter recommendation tool that helps suggest appropriate filters for your business.

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