Re-Balanced Bodies

In our remedial massage clinic we are utilising both fresh air ventilation with open windows and an Australian made medical grade HEPA filter air purifier to achieve about 9 air exchanges per hour and monitoring with a CO2 monitor with a goal of keeping to a maximum level of 600ppm (although it does sometimes creep a bit higher from mid to high 600ppm and occasionally low 700 ppm). We also leave a gap between clients of 15 – 30 minutes to further ventilate the treatment room. Our therapist also wears a NIOSH N95 respirator and our clients are encouraged to wear P2/N95/KN95 respirators but are required to wear a surgical face mask at a minimum.

Address & Contacts


22 Stewart Rd ASHGROVE, QLD 4060 AU


-27.444733979912, 152.99111610106

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