Konzerthaus Dortmund

This venue was studied in the below paper and found to have excellent vertical displacement ventilation that protected occupants by venting any respiratory particles emitted directly upwards towards the ceiling.

Schade,W.;Reimer,V.; Seipenbusch, M.; Willer, U. Experimental Investigation of Aerosol and CO2 Dispersion for Evaluation of COVID-19 Infection Risk in a Concert Hall. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18, 3037. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph18063037

“The volume of the concert hall is about V = 17,000 m3, fitting 1650 people. The ventilation system provides a vertical air flow with fresh air entering beneath each of the seats and exiting through the ceiling. The most dominant flow direction is therefore vertically oriented, and the flow velocity is measured to be  while in horizontal direction only a local and temporarily unsteady flow could be measured with a maximum flow velocity of . The air change rate per hour at 100% power of the installed ventilation system is ACH = 3.”

“Consequently, even directly neighboring seats of the dummy show no significant increased aerosol and CO2concentration. All measured aerosol concentrations are diluted to less than 0.9 % with respect to the concentration emitted by the dummy and the CO2 concentration is in the range of the background level.”

”This experimental study demonstrates to our best knowledge for the first time the importance of a vertical fresh air flow ventilation when protecting the audience from viral aerosol dispersion in a concert hall by doing spatially resolved indoor aerosol and CO2 measurements. The results indicate that at 1.5 m distance from a potential emitter of aerosols with a diameter of 0.3 µm (our dummy) the aerosol air flow is entrained to the ceiling by the fresh air ventilation system when the vertical air flow is at least . Under such condition, no significant increase of aerosol and CO2 concentration is obtained in the concert hall. Longer travelling distances of small and larger particles can be limited by audience wearing a face mask. If the emitting person is wearing a surgical mask and the same fresh air flow conditions apply, for all seats in the direct neighborhood the aerosol and CO2concentration is obtained to be within the air quality category I (CO2 < 800 ppm and aerosol < 250 p/cm3). Aerosol dispersion in the concert hall does not occur because particles will mostly be directed towards the ceiling by the vertical ventilation flow”

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