At Abrome we center the needs of those who are most impacted by our decisions and actions. This includes the immunocompromised, BIPOC folks, those without access to quality healthcare, the houseless, and the unvaccinated. Therefore, we take the pandemic very seriously. Abrome’s pandemic plan consists of five risk levels. As risk levels increase, we reduce the number of Learners who can be indoors at any given time. At the highest risk level we are entirely outdoors, unless hospital capacity is at risk of being overwhelmed, at which time we would go remote. We can add up to 20 makeup days at the end of the academic year to make up for remote days. All rooms are ventilated and cleaned with HEPA filters or Corsi-Rosenthal boxes to at least 6 air changes per hour. Of course everyone masks up. We have no mask breaks and meals must be eaten outdoors. We have a vaccine requirement except for very rare cases based on medical necessity. After two and a half years we have not had a Covid-19 case in our space. See our website for more details.

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10201 Aqua Azul Ct Austin, Texas 78733 US


30.335069171592, -97.876264932569

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