Centre for Prosthodontics Midland

We have installed a HEPA air purifier in the waiting room and one in each surgery.

Once the border opens, it will not close back up again. All of us will learn to live with COVID-19 in our everyday life, whether it be going out, shopping, or having medical and dental treatment. Fortunately, living in WA has allowed us to watch the COVID-19 development in rest of the world, and this has allowed us to be better prepared for our upcoming border opening. At the Centre for Prosthodontics, we have always operated at an exceptional infection control standard set and extra COVID-19 measures are further implemented to maximise the safety of our staff and patients.

  • All practice staff members are FULLY VACCINATED (including boosters) against COVID-19.
  • PPE – Face shield, surgical masks (incl. professionally fitted N95), surgical gowns are used as required based on Australian Dental Association (ADA) and government guidelines.
  • PCR / RAPID ANTIGEN TESTS use as per ADA and government guidelines to give patients sense of confidence on our staff health and safety.
    • Patients are encouraged to attend appointments on their own or with one other support person.
    • Only essential staff are present at the practice; with all other admin staff, company representatives and deliveries to remain off site or outside the practice.
  • PATIENT SCREENINGPatients and visitors will not be allowed to attend the practice if
    • they have any COVID-19 signs and symptoms or are known to have exposed to confirmed cases – as per current guidelines.
    • Body temperature checked
    • Hand sanitiser and surgical masks issued
    • SafeWA app registered
    • Reception room fitted with Hospital grade Air Purifiers with HEPA filters** (High Efficiency Particulate Air) for ongoing air filtration.
    • Pre-procedural antiseptic mouthwash rinse
    • Rubber dam and high volume evacuation (suction) use
    • Post-procedural hand sanitiser and surgical masks issued
    • Air disinfectant spray use and activation of Hospital Grade Air Purifier with HEPA filters** (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air purifiers for complete air filtration before treatment of next patient.

** HEPA air purifiers remove 99.97% of aerosols and viruses (including respiratory viruses)

Should you have any further queries, please contact our reception at the Centre For Prosthodontics via email on reception@centreforpros.com.au or phone us on 9368 0888.

Address & Contacts


7/81 Yelverton Drive, Midland WA 6056


-31.89365371, 116.00606024

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