Floating Cloud Therapies: Myotherapy, Reiki & Remedial Massage Clinic

Who we are:
Floating Cloud Therapies: Myotherapy, Reiki & Remedial Massage Clinic is an Alternative & Holistic Health Service. Our Therapeutic Clinic was established in 2009. Our focus is to help everyBODY in our community, to have happier and healthier lives by utilizing these natural therapies of; Myotherapy, Reiki and Remedial Massage Therapy. We have also have a physical and online Wellness and Metaphysical Gift Store, which has items like; heat packs, bed pillows, essential oils and Himalayan Salt Lamps and Crystals Lights.
Why we know clean air is important to minimize risk:
Our clients very often include the; elderly, immune compromised and pregnant women – all of whom are more vulnerable to illness. Therefore, it is important to endeavor to provide an optimum setting for them to get better, with as freshest air as possible.
Clean Air Protocols and Strategies are:
*Fresh Ventilation and Hospital Grade HEPA Filter Air Purifier:
To mitigate airborne risk we are utilizing both fresh air ventilation and a medical grade air purifier based upon the thorough guidelines from our Professional Association = Australian Massage Therapist Ltd (AMT). There is a large garden facing window in our Treatment Room, which provides fresh outside air. The degree of openness is adjusted based upon the Co2 Monitors reading. Since January 2021 we have proudly had an Australian made, Hospital Grade HEPA Filter – Pro 5 Stage Air Purifier called Winix, Model Number AUS-1250AZPU to achieve about 9.03 air exchanges per hour (operating in High Mode).
*NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra-Red Technology) Co2 (Carbon Dioxide Gas) Sensor and Air Monitor:
Before, during and post-treatment we closely monitor the Treatment Room air quality, with a NDIR Co2 Sensor and Air Monitor. The goal of keeping Co2 to a level of 800ppm (parts-per-million). This is estimated to equate to 1% of re-breathed air.
*Ventilation Breaks between Clients:
Another strategy to help ensure as clean as air possible in our Treatment Room is we always block out a Ventilation Gap in-between clients of 30 – 60 minutes. This allows us to fully open the window and to continually operate the HEPA Air Filter. This is to enable to commence the next Clients’ treatment with as low as possible Co2 Room Reading. This also naturally means there are; no back-to-back clients, no running late for appointments and no clients cross over in the corridor spaces.
*High Quality Mask for Practitioner and Clients:
The Practitioner wears a KN95 respirator mask. Our Clients are provide with a KN95respirator mask to wear, before entering the Clinic. The full treatment is generally done within close proximity to the Client, so the mask compliments the clean air strategies.
*Need to know more?
If there is something else you wish to clarify, before booking a Treatment time, we are most happy to answer them and bring you greater peace-of-mind. 


Address & Contacts


3 Oakhill Court berwick, Vic 3806 AU


-38.028714496671, 145.33497942108

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