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These details are from a patient, not the clinic itself]

This GP has next-level airborne protections, including a special procedure to see patients presenting with respiratory symptoms outside, around the rear of the clinic, or in a special “isolation” room in the clinic.

They made a video talking about it, so patients can know what to expect when visiting. In the video, they also offer to share information about the specifics of the equipment they use and how they use it, with other healthcare providers. I consider myself quite COVID-cautious, and the measures they’re employing exceeded even my highest expectations for a business. See the video here:

Video indicates outdoor and indoor waiting areas, outside check-in kiosk, staff wear N95 masks, air cleaners in reception (on auto) and consult room (timed on/off), aranet 4 CO2 monitor in reception and the air quality is usually below 650ppm, surgical masks supplied for patients who don’t bring their own mask since masks are mandatory in their facility, some doctors wear additional protection (like eye protection, gown, gloves), patients with respiratory symptoms seen outdoors at the rear entrance to their facility or in an isolation room in their clinic.

The video’s descriptions match my experience there a few weeks ago. When I was there, the waiting room was empty and 5 patients were politely waiting in the outdoor waiting area shown in the video, masked, in socially-distanced seating. Reception, doctor, and nurse were in N95 masks, and I heard but did not notice (didn’t look for it) the air cleaner in the consult room. Doctor also wore eye protection. As I was not being seen for a respiratory issue, at no time did I have to remove my mask whilst in their facility.

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4/965 Bourke St Waterloo, NSW 2017 AU


-33.902508022298, 151.20735327623

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