Integrative Bodywork

My remedial massage clinic has a Smart Air Blast air purifier which provides a minimum of 10 air exchanges per hour on its lowest setting and 20 per hour on maximum setting (calculated based on published CADR for the purifier).


I also make use of natural ventilation to keep CO2 levels low. The clinic has two large windows and a door which can remain open during treatment. I monitor CO2 continously using an Aranet 4 and aim for a target concentration of less than 600ppm. During animated conversation, CO2 levels can reach 650ppm, in which case I make use of natural ventilation to bring fresh air into the clinic.

I wear an N95 respirator mask at all times and provide respirator masks for my clients to wear when they attend for treatment.

Address & Contacts


17A Cameron Street Maclean, NSW 2463 AU


-29.463871741854, 153.19985235632

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