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Bodywork with Aera is owned by Aera, who strives to serve others while upholding higher standards of care for their patients. This clinic is LGBTQIA & Neurodiverse welcoming, with a heavy emphasis on supporting those who are the most vulnerable to complications or death from emerging pathogens. We are a new business and have officially opened as of 8/17/2022! We are currently not taking insurance and are self-pay.

Bodywork with Aera is not what you think of when you hear the word “massage”. This is a medically-focused & highly specialized practice: We understand that the nature of chronic and complex pain is not fixed overnight. We do not rush the nervous system to facilitate change. Instead, each session builds off of each other, to help you manage your chronic pain, stress, and reach practical recovery goals. We do not fix you or force changes. What we do is help you achieve better baselines, so you can return to doing more of what you love, and spend less time in pain.

Our work together is not limited to upper body focus, but upper body chronic pain is the main focus of why people come to this clinic. Aera has treated everything from pain related to nerve entrapments to complications during the injury recovery process.

We also have telehealth sessions so you can learn how to address your migraines or TMJ at home through a process called Intra-Oral Massage.  This way, you do not need to remove your mask and can learn how to do these safe techniques at home where you’ll be more comfortable.

At Bodywork with Aera we have implemented several disease control and risk mitigation measures. We are not just concerned about COVID-19. We have measures in place to screen for, and to keep disease out of the treatment room. Patients are asked to fill out an Immune Response Survey 3 days before their scheduled appointment. Sessions are scheduled about 45 minutes to an hour apart to allow for adequate cleaning and disinfecting.

Examples of some of our policies include:

You are asked to shower and change clothes if able before arrival. This is especially important if you are working with the public or in a factory setting, and more of a requirement if you’re working in a highly scented environment.

Upon arrival patients are asked to allow for the bottom of their shoes to be sprayed with alcohol and to use hand sanitizer for 30s from the hands up to the elbows (if the forearm is exposed at time of arrival).

Everyone wears a quality mask (KN95+). Poorly fitted masks are replaced with an N95 (additionals can be purchased if needed).

Commitment to cleaner air: Bodywork with Aera was the first listed on Clean Air Stars for massage therapy in the United States. In the treatment room we have 2 big windows that open, 2 HEPA LEVOIT brand air purifiers, an oscillating fan, and an air conditioner. We use all of these tools for optimal ventilation.

Additionally, careful thought was placed into the choice of the building the clinic was moved to. We chose a building that has a working HVAC system, no dust buildup, and does not affect each individual business suite. The air in the suite is not affected by other people’s businesses.

We strive to stay the course with our commitments and ethics

Commitment to accessibility: Bodywork with Aera is not equipped for all accessibility needs, but our “Accessibility Points” page on our website will give a detailed breakdown of what to expect and help you make an informed decision if the space will meet your needs. What we have is an ADA-compliant hydraulic table, an elevator and are across from 2 single-occupancy bathrooms. The building does not have automatic doors.

Commitment to a scent-free space: At Bodywork with Aera we are dedicated to providing a space that is comfortable for people with scent & sensory sensitivities. No fragrances are used, not even essential oils. The exception is that Biofreeze (an analgesic) can be used upon request for aches and pains.

Simple products for healing: We keep in mind cross contamination and therefore don’t use products that contain the major allergens (Coconut, soy, peanuts, etc). Please ensure you list any allergies on your intake form so we can ensure your comfort & safety.

 We are committed to cleaner air & reduction of disease risk! Bodywork with Aera is proud to be a Clean Air Star!

Bodywork with Aera
1817 Queen Anne Ave N. #407,
Seattle, WA 98109

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1817 Queen Anne Ave N. #407 Seattle, WA 98109 US


47.635336604919, -122.35723801773

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