Bodywork With Aera

Bodywork with Aera is a Massage Therapy clinic in the beautiful queen anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

Aera specializes in the treatment of upper body pain disorders, not limited to, but includes: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and more! We also have a telehealth option for learning how to do perform your own self-intra oral for the treatment of migraines and TMJD, which otherwise would require you to remove your mask, which is not allowed inside the clinic.

Our Commitment to reducing the risk Emerging Pathogens pose to our patients and their families includes several policies (located on the website under services & policies) that are non negotiable.

Some of our policies include that KN95 or better masks must be worn at all times, even when face down on the table. We also open windows (we have 2 large ones at the end of the room), use an an oscillating fan, and have calculated that our Levoit 4000s is producing 6 air exchanges per hour, or more in our space (which is less than 200sqft).

The Levoit 4000s is on level 3-5 at all times when the clinic is open. The fan remains on when there is a session. We currently do not have a CO2 monitor as of yet, but our careful calculations regarding room size, strict mask requirements, large open windows, oscillating fan, and HEPA filtration seem to be optimal.

The building we are located in has a working HVAC system and is constantly ON (not on auto!). This means that the building is bringing in fresh air and pulling out CO2 continuously. the HVAC and heating systems are set up so that there is no direct shared air between the different business suites.

Patients are required to fill out an Immune Response Survey sent 3 days before their appointment time, which screens for not only COVID-19 but any signs of illness. We have a strict rescheduling policy in relationship to this. All of our measures are designed to protect the most vulnerable of us, including those immunocompromised, or who have family members who are high risk for complications or death from COVID-19 and other Emerging Pathogens.

Address & Contacts


1817 Queen Anne Ave N. #407 Seattle, WA 98109 US


47.635336604919, -122.35723801773

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