Business Type: Manufacturer/Distributor/Retailer, Engineered Infection Prevention (including safe indoor air solutions)

Safe Air provided by:
CO2 monitors (<600 ppm)
Air Filters
HEPA HVAC filtration
Low occupancy
50% Outside Air
>100 L/s/person
50% RH
25′ Ceilings
PM levels meet ISO 6 Clean Room standard
Desktop HEPA UV-PCO Air Purifiers – 99.9999%
400 CFM NanoMask Box Fan Filter in Lunch Room
AutoUV in bathrooms (air & surfaces)
Free Masks for guests
Airborne education provided to guests upon entry

Address & Contacts


900 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge, ON Canada N3H 4R7


43.4272332, -80.366126

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