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As we learned more about Covid and how it is an airborne illness, we were the first restaurant in Seattle, and one of only a few nationally, to install what we feel is an incredible technology called Upper Room Germicidal UV-C Lights which disinfects our indoor air. We believe this is a technology that will allow people to safely come inside bars and restaurants as we work our way through the Covid-19 pandemic and into the future of the virus and whatever that might entail. Covid-19 isn’t going away even though mask and vaccine mandates will. So we’ll continue to clean our air to protect you and our staff.
We now know that when someone who has Covid-19 breathes, talks, coughs or sneezes, they are exhaling tiny aerosol droplets that can linger in the air and spread the Sars-CoV-2 virus. Working with Dr. Bruce L Davidson, MD MPH, a pulmonary physician, researcher, and expert in respiratory transmission of infection, we have carefully installed GUVC lights in our ceiling, creating a “killing zone” for these droplets. We are using ceiling fans to pull exhaled air upward into this zone where the Germicidal UV-C light can destroy the virus’ genetic material, annihilating the virus. This system achieves the equivalent of 16 or more air changes per hour – more air changes per hour than the CDC standard of 12-per-hour for hospitals. We have also improved the ventilation in our bathrooms so that with the doors shut other than when people enter or leave, air is effectively moved out of these rooms to the outdoors.

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